Renovation and cleaning



If you came into this website, you probably need help in cleaning or renovating of the pavement, terrace, parking lot or driveway.

In many cases, SQUER company is able to advise you on how to deal with dirt, but a few of them require a lot more knowledge, so as not to spoil the desired effect.

Our services include cleaning of the following kinds of dirt:

  • inappropriate impregnation use (uneven color changes)

  • white deposits of the so-called lime blooms (on pavements and fences)

  • fertilizer (yellow or brown spots and blemishes)

  • cement, plaster, paint



The SQUER company also offers a renovation service, which includes refreshing or changing the color on the concrete elements, ie: cube, terrace slabs, stair steps, fences. This process is related to the coating of materials with a special mixture (not to be confused with painting with concrete paint), which is absorbed into the structure of concrete, giving it a new life.

Zapraszamy do galerii

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